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Share Savings
As a member and owner of the credit union, you are considered a shareholder. Therefore, your savings account is referred to as a Share Savings Account.

This account is similar to a passbook savings account at other financial institutions with one important exception: a C&CCU Share Savings Account pays a higher dividend. These higher interest rates are based on the average daily balance and are posted quarterly to encourage savings and help your finances to grow.

Secondary Savings Accounts
Catholic & Community Credit Union offers two accounts designed specifically for your special savings. With an “I Want” Savings Account, you can save up for a big splurge like a vacation, vehicle or even a new home. With our Christmas Club Account, you can save all year to make the holidays merry and bright. Withdrawals are limited to encourage savings, and both accounts earn generous returns. With a minimum balance of just $5, you can start saving today!

Youth Club Savings Accounts
Catholic & Community Credit Union offers two clubs designed to teach strong savings principles for a lifetime of healthy finances. Our Safari Savers Kids' Club account is for members up to age 12, and Student accounts guide young people ages 14 through 17. All youth accounts pay quarterly dividends, so club members can learn about interest and earn more as they save!

Investment Options with C&CCU
Catholic & Community Credit Union understands that each member has a unique financial profile. That is why we offer a full range of products to help you save money and achieve financial success. Click on the links below to learn about each investment option.

Need help deciding which choice is right for you? Contact the credit union and talk with a member services representative!

Certificates are popular investment tools that pay a high return on investments for a fixed period of time. At C&CCU, we offer multiple maturity options. Members can choose from terms ranging from six months to five years, all with a minimum deposit of $500.

Certificates feature high interest rates, which compound quarterly to increase your annual yield.

Youth CD
Members ages 10 to 17 can take advantage of a Youth certificate of deposit featuring special returns. Open a Youth CD with an initial deposit of just $100, and make additional deposits up to a maximum balance of $1,000. Young investors will learn the value of interest as they earn 5.00% Annual Percentage Yield until the CD matures at their 18th birthday! A parent, grandparent or guardian must have checking and direct deposit with C&CCU for the child to qualify for this special rate.

IRA Options
Individual Retirement Accounts
At Catholic & Community Credit Union, we realize that financial security for the future is something everyone must consider. Whether you are just starting to consider retirement savings or getting ready to retire, we offer an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) that will help you build wealth and manage your retirement income.

Traditional IRA
This account allows you to defer taxes on a portion of your income while enjoying superior interest rates. Earnings accrued on this account are not taxed until you begin to make withdrawals. Investors aged 59 1/2 and older can access their funds without penalty. Investors must begin receiving periodic payments by age 70 1/2.

Roth IRA
With this option, your contributions from income will not be tax-free, but you will still enjoy great interest rates. Plus, you can access your contributions tax- and penalty-free any time after an initial five-year waiting period. Earnings may be withdrawn if the member meets specific requirements.

Each of these options may be managed through an IRA Accumulation Savings Account or IRA Certificates. Determining which investment method is right for you depends upon the initial deposit available and the desired interest rate for your investment. Each method is outlined below. For specific rates on each option, click here.

IRA Accumulation Savings Account
With a low $5 minimum balance and contribution options such as payroll deduction, this account is convenient and flexible! Deposits and withdrawals for this account will comply with federal regulations.

IRA Certificates
You choose the term that makes sense for you, and C&CCU will pay a rate of return that rivals any other financial institution. With terms ranging from one to five years, your options are wide open! All it takes is a minimum $250 deposit, and you’re on your way to smart savings and easy earning!

Choosing a plan that works for you can be difficult. That’s why our representatives are always available to help you sort through the details and determine the perfect savings plan to meet your goals. Contact the credit union to learn more or to open your IRA today!

Money Market Accounts
If you're looking for high interest rates but still want easy access to your money, then a Money Market Account with C&CCU is for you! These accounts require a $2,500 minimum balance, and tiered dividends are paid monthly. You can make up to six $100-minimum withdrawals per month with no fees. Additional withdrawals during the same month are available for a $10 fee per withdrawal. Check our current rates.

Share Draft Checking
At C&CCU, we offer a unique type of checking called a Share Draft Account. This account is much like the usual checking accounts you’d find at other financial institutions, but without the fees and charges. Our Share Draft Accounts offer:
• No per-check fees
• No service charges
• Free e-statements
• Optional overdraft protection
• No minimum balance requirement
• Interest-earning based on the average daily balance

For more information, or to open your Share Draft Checking Account, stop by one of our offices today!

Ultimate Checking
Make the most of your money with our Ultimate Checking! Earn premium returns on balances up to $25,000, and get refunds on your ATM charges! All you have to do is complete 12 non-PIN transactions with your ATM card per month, and sign up to receive e-statements. There are no minimum balance requirements or monthly fees for this account. If you don’t meet the high-dividend requirements, you’ll simply earn the standard return for that month.

Student Checking
With the guidance and support of an adult co-signer, Student checking account holders will enjoy greater independence with Home Banking and secure E-statements. These free accounts feature a C&CCU Visa debit card, as well as ATM access at 30,000+ surcharge-free ATMs. Plus, all Student checking accounts are linked to the co-signer's accounts, so transfers are quick and convenient.

Rebound Checking
Specifically designed for members who need a second chance at checking, our Rebound Checking is a great way to build a strong financial base. If you have been turned down for a checking account because of ChexSystems or a poor credit history before, you may still qualify for our Rebound Checking account.

For full details on our Rebound Checking program, click here.

ATM Card
This card allows you to access your available funds at the credit union. You can use any Automated Teller Machine that displays the CO-OP, Cirrus or Star logo to check your account balance and withdraw or transfer funds. There are more than 28,000 surcharge-free ATMs! There is no charge at all for using a Catholic & Community Credit Union ATM.

Please note, it is important to alert the credit union if you plan to travel and use your ATM Card. As part of our efforts to decrease fraud, we monitor accounts for unusual activity. ATM Card usage in other states or foreign countries may be flagged as fraudulent, and transactions may be declined. By informing C&CCU of your travel plans, we can make a note on your account and prevent unnecessary delays or interruptions in your account access.

For a list of surcharge-free ATM locations, click here.

We now make it easier and safer to pay from the palm of your hand

Visa® Check Card
With a checking account at the credit union, you may qualify for the convenience of our free Visa Check Card. Use it like a regular ATM card to perform ATM transactions from checking, and take advantage of great purchasing power at any merchant who accepts Visa. Your card works like a credit card, but your purchases are deducted right from your C&CCU checking account.

Please note, it is important to alert the credit union if you plan to travel and use your Visa Check Card. As part of our efforts to decrease fraud, we monitor accounts for unusual activity. Visa Check Card usage in other states or foreign countries may be flagged as fraudulent, and transactions may be declined. By informing C&CCU of your travel plans, we can make a note on your account and prevent unnecessary delays or interruptions in your account access.

If your Visa Check Card is lost or stolen, please call (800) 523-4175.

Overdraft Protection
We understand that our members sometimes make mistakes. That’s why we offer optional Overdraft Protection! Qualified members won’t have to worry about the vendor fees and embarrassment that come with bounced checks. Contact the credit union to inquire about this courtesy service.

Open End Lines of Credit
With an Open End Line of Credit, your accounts will be linked to the additional funds you need to cover expenses should you become overdrawn. This additional line of defense is less expensive than traditional Courtesy Pay coverage, and you won’t pay a dime as long as you don’t require an advance. Limits range from $500 to $1500, there is no annual fee and members can access these funds through debit card transactions, ATM advances or by making a request at the credit union. Protecting your accounts has never been this affordable or convenient! Contact a loan officer to learn more or apply today!

Convenience Services
Free Home Banking
With our online home banking service, all you need is your personal computer and the Internet to access your credit union accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our online home banking service features real-time, live processing, so the information is always up-to-date. Check your account balances, transfer funds, check out the latest rates, order checks, apply for a loan and much more! You can even pay bills online and receive free E-statements.

Mobile Money App
Current Member Account Access users can now enjoy a secure, convenient connection to your finances from your smartphone. Review transactions, make transfers and handle payments on the go. Bank on your terms with the Catholic & Community mobile money app. Members of our credit union will now have the benefit of a secure, convenient connection to your finances, at your fingertips. Mobile users enjoy reviewing transactions, making transfers, handling payments and more! Anytime, anywhere.

How to Download Our App

  1. In Google Play, search for C&CCU Mobile Money
  2. Select the app from the APP store
  3. Select 'Install'
  1. In the App Store search for C&CCU Mobile Money
  2. Select 'Get'
  3. Select 'Install'

Direct Deposit
Save time and worry with Direct Deposit! There’s no need to schedule travel plans around the arrival of your check, no need to worry about the check being lost or stolen and no need to fight illness or inclement weather on your way to make a deposit. The amount of your check will be electronically deposited into your credit union account each payday.

Payroll Deduction
The fastest, most efficient way to make your loan payment, share account deposit or IRA contribution is through Payroll Deduction. You choose how much money will be deducted from your regular paycheck, and your credit union will take care of the rest. It’s convenient and absolutely free to C&CCU members.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)
Members can post transactions to their accounts quickly and easily with ACH, making loan payments, insurance postings and payroll a breeze. All transfers will be noted on your periodic statement. Contact the credit union to set up the necessary information today.

24-Hour Account Access
ABBY Automated Teller

Access your accounts by using your touch-tone telephone or cell phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with ABBY, our 24-hour automated teller. Just dial (618) 257-3861, and have your member number and access code ready. You can transfer funds between accounts, get your account balance, see which checks have cleared – all at your convenience.

ABBY Brochure

ATM Networks
Members have access to their accounts through the CO-OP ATM network, which spans the country with more than 28,000 surcharge-free ATMs. Look for the CO-OP symbol when using an ATM, and you’ll have easy access to your accounts – even after-hours!

Use any of the 28,000+ ATM locations nationwide! Click on the logo below to find the surcharge-free ATM closest to you!


Shared Branch Network
Your credit union is part of a national network including more than 4,000 locations. Make your credit union transactions wherever you see the swirl.

Click here to find a branch near you!

Safe Deposit Boxes
Keep your important documents safe at our Shiloh office. Available in sizes 3 x 5, 3 x 10 and 5 x 10, our boxes start at $15 annually. Contact the credit union for full details.

And More….
Convenience is a very important feature needed in our busy daily routine. One of our goals is to make the credit union a one-stop location to service all your needs. We hope you will take advantage of these additional services.
License Plate Renewal Stickers
Lighted Night Depository
Money Orders/Cashiers Checks
Notary Services
Signature Guarantee
Wire Transfers